Review – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

 Review – Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Score: 7/10

Recommended? Yes

In the future, humans and technology have begun to merge. People are upgrading themselves with enhancements known as augmentations. These augmentations can do anything 5.56xmm nato ammo from replacing lost limbs, to helping people read the needs and emotions of others. Adam Jensen, former SWAT member works security for one of the leading bio technology firms. As the firm prepares to show their recent findings in Washington, which will herald a new age of human controlled evolution, the company comes under attack. Many of the companies leading scientists are killed, and Adam is left on the brink of death. Before he dies though, he is saved through massive augmentations. Six months later, it’s now time to track down those responsible.

The game is a FPS, but also has a Metal Gear Solid type of stealth element. Sneaking around, or busting in and blowing everyone away, it’s up to you how you reach your goal.

Throughout the game, you earn experience points for various actions. When you earn enough, you get points that can be used to upgrade your augmentations. After the attack, almost every part of Adam’s body has been replaced with augmentations. You can increase his hacking skill, make him run faster, and even become invisible and see through walls. The capabilities of the augmentations are quite impressive.

Like many games these days, you can also influence how the story progresses through conversation choices. Though the game doesn’t really differentiate between good and evil, your actions in various missions can have far reaching effects on later ones.

One of my annoyances with this game is the item system. Adam’s backpack is comprised of tiny squares. Items take up various amounts of squares, and if you don’t have enough available, you can’t pick up items. Guns in particular take up a lot of space, so you aren’t able to carry very many. Also, not all items stack. For instance each grenade takes up on square, instead of just that one grenade type taking up a square and stacking.



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